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Birla Precision Technologies Ltd.
(Indian Tool Mfgrs Divn.)
MIDC Waluj,
Aurangabad - 431 133
Maharashtra, India
Tel.: +91-240-2554300, 2554301, 2554945
Fax: +91-240-2554302

Corporate Office:
The Yash Birla Group
Dalamal House,
1 st Floor, J.B. Marg,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: +91-22-66168400
Fax: +91-22-22047835
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Sr. No
Problems Reasons Remedies
1 Over Size Hole Lip angles are not equal. Lip Lengths unequal. Regrinding the Drill point to correct lip angle with proper relief, marinating Lip lengths equal
2 Buckling of theDril Drill deflects axially Use Correct Guide Bush
3 Drill Chattering Hard, Tough work Piece, Torsion deflection of the Drill Increase Torsion Stiffness by replacing thicker Web Drill. Reduce Drill Length and Shorten flute Length.
4 Drill Breaking Fixture not rigid, Web Thickness more, Speed and Feed not Proper Use Rigid Fixture, Web Thinning to be implemented, Use proper speed and feed according to work material
5 Drill Breaking in deep hole Drilling Chips blocking in Flutes, No informed back Taper, Drill Run out on OD Use Wood Packing System Before using check uniform back taper and concentricity
6 Drill Rubbing No proper relief on Point, No uniform back Taper Regrind point with proper point relief, Check uniform Back Taper, add no point negative back Taper should occur on Drill Diameter.
7 Heat Generation while Drilling Coolant insufficient Proper. Coolant not used, Work Piece is hard. Use Proper Coolant flow. Use Proper Coolant. Select Drill with Correct Geometry for the material